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Professional Factory

Established in 2006, located in Guangzhou, China, professional hydrogen water maker machine manufacturer with FDA Certification,with our own strong R&D Team and Laboratory..


Professional in Hydrogen Water Maker Quality

Olansi always take the concept: All for Customers, Quality First, Guide by Market, Continuous innovation and persist in All Function, Convenience and Utility, and with Reasonable Price.


Professional Sales Team

Olansi People always with great passion and confidence are striding forward with you to make mutual benefits and create bright future in hydrogen water maker field.


Excellent Factory Management

Stable employee, most of them are 8 years long in this factory. High output with monthly capacity 50000pcs. 98% in time delivery to customers.


Convenient Transportation

Located in Guangzhou China, easy to reach Guangzhou Baiyun International Air Port, Huangpu/Nansha/Yantian/
Shekou/Chiwan Bay Sea Port, super convenient for customers’ visiting& exporting worldwide.


Experience in customers supporting

Been exporting hydrogen water maker,air purifiers for 8 year, well knowledge in worldwide markets, can guide customer correspondingly and with good customers supporting.

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Established in 2009,located in Guangzhou City South China,Olansi company is a professional air purifier OEM manufacturer,products contain china air purifier,home air purifier,hepa air purifier,ionizer air purifier,car air purifier,room air purifier and so on

We always take the concept: All for Customers, Quality First, Guide by Market, Continuous innovation and persist in All Function, Convenience and Utility, and with Reasonable Price.

Olansi People always with great passion and confidence are striding forward with you to make mutual benefits and create bright future Read More…

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Study on the Treatment of Colitis with Hydrogen

The latest study from the University of AARHUS in Denmark shows that human Parkinson’s disease or from the gastrointestinal tract, through the nerve spread to the brain, the relevant research published in the world’s leading neurological disease Annals of Neurology. Professor Elisabeth pointed out that 15,000 patients were studied, these patients have undergone. if Parkinson’s disease does start in the gastrointestinal Road, through the nerve spread to the brain, then accept in patients with Parkinson’s disease incidence will be reduced. The study found that patients who underwent complete had a reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease, and the risk of Parkinson’s […]

What is the difference between breathing hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water?

Hydrogen use methods include respiratory hydrogen, drinking hydrogen and aqueous hydrogenated saline solutions, all of which are complementary routes of hydrogen in the body, and are supported by relevant research evidence and have potential therapeutic value for a variety of diseases. In these methods, both drinking and injecting are absorbed by water as a carrier, and there is a similarity, and respiratory hydrogen is absorbed through the lungs and has different characteristics. Breathing hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water is the biggest difference between the absorption path is not the same, one is through the respiratory system, one is through the […]

The benign effect of hydrogen – rich water on T2DM

Is it really good for hydrogen-rich bottle? Domestic and foreign scientific research shows that a variety of human difficult to cure the root causes of chronic disease is free radicals, hydrogen has a selective neutral effect of toxic free radicals, hydrogen water on human health and disease treatment has a positive significance. Internal and external studies have shown that hydrogen unique antioxidant effect, it can effectively remove the body of free radicals, allergic dermatitis, constipation, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, hepatitis B, atherosclerosis and other free radicals caused by various types of symptoms are Strong control role, with great human safety. Effects […]

What kind of hydrogen water generator is good?

  With the rich ORP water cups on people’s health improvement, gradually get the recognition of many markets. People from the beginning do not believe that water can improve the disease, and hydrogen water is a scam of awareness, and now people gradually realize that hydrogen can improve diabetes, high blood pressure, skin disease, a little breakthrough in the past cognitive range. So what kind of hydrogen-rich cup is good? Many people know that the initial electrolytic reduction of water from Japan to China, but Japan is a super soft water country. And China’s water quality generally more rigid, encountered […]

Therapeutic effect of hydrogen on duchenne muscular dystrophy

(Duchenne muscular dystrophy, DMD) is a rare X chromosome linked recessive genetic disease, the global average of every 3500 newborn babies in one person suffering from the disease. DMD occurs because of the lack of a Dystrophin dystrophin, which is located inside the skeletal muscle and cardiomyocyte membrane and belongs to the cytoskeletal protein, which has anti-mechanical pull and prevents damage of muscle cells during contraction. Patients in the preschool will be due to skeletal muscle degradation of muscle weakness or atrophy, resulting in inconvenience to walk. Probably in the 7 to 12 years old, will completely lose the ability […]

Study on the Protective Effect of Hydrogen on Humid Infected Lung Health Workers

In recent years, the impact of environmental fine particulate matter (PM2.5) on the health of the population has received widespread public attention. A large number of studies have confirmed the harm of PM2.5 exposure to the respiratory tract, but its mechanism is not yet fully understood. It is generally believed that it is mainly related to oxidative stress, inflammatory injury, immunotoxicity and gene polymorphism, and oxidative stress-induced lung injury is one of the hotspots in recent years. In 2007, Ohsawa et al. reported that the hydrogen had a selective antioxidant function for the first time. Subsequently, the researchers found that […]