Therapeutic effect of hydrogen on duchenne muscular dystrophy

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(Duchenne muscular dystrophy, DMD) is a rare X chromosome linked recessive genetic disease, the global average of every 3500 newborn babies in one person suffering from the disease. DMD occurs because of the lack of a Dystrophin dystrophin, which is located inside the skeletal muscle and cardiomyocyte membrane and belongs to the cytoskeletal protein, which has anti-mechanical pull and prevents damage of muscle cells during contraction. Patients in the preschool will be due to skeletal muscle degradation of muscle weakness or atrophy, resulting in inconvenience to walk. Probably in the 7 to 12 years old, will completely lose the ability to walk, usually to 20 years old because of myocardial and pulmonary weakness and death.

Corticosteroids are the only treatment, but the side effects are obvious. Duchenne muscular dystrophy animal model is also a specific gene expression defects, this animal life is not affected, probably because the mice can compensate for the expression of dystrophin homologous gene utrophin. Although this animal muscle pathological changes as human patients are serious, but can show similar pathological features. Both human and animal models exhibit typical oxidative damage, damaging muscle cells produce inflammatory responses, and inflammatory responses produce more reactive oxygen species that form a vicious circle. Antioxidants such as NAC have protective effects on muscle damage in animal models, suggesting that an increase in reactive oxygen species is a key factor in the pathogenesis of the disease. Other natural substances that inhibit oxidative stress, such as curcumin, resveratrol, polyphenols and sulforaphane, can also play a protective role.

Hydrogen molecules have the ability to control inflammation and oxidative damage, a variety of oxidative stress-related diseases have a therapeutic effect, with Duchenne muscular dystrophy animal model also found that hydrogen on the disease has a therapeutic effect, can improve muscle function, Muscle pathological changes and oxidative stress injury. For this genetic disease, I think that can not be treated with hydrogen, but recently Japanese scholars with animal models show that hydrogen on the disease also has a therapeutic effect.

The study was conducted on pregnant mothers taking 5 ppm of high concentrations of hydrogen until 15 days of gestation until the rats were born after weaning. The rats were born with weaning and drank with hydrogen water until 10 or 24 weeks. The results showed that the weight of diseased animals decreased after birth, hydrogen water can increase the weight of rats, improve the spontaneous movement of animals from the distance, plasma creatine kinase levels decreased in 0 and 24 weeks. The number of core cells in the muscle cells was also significantly reduced. The degree of oxidative damage of gastrocnemius muscle cells decreased. The levels of antioxidant enzymes and the expression of anti – apoptotic Bcl – 2 were significantly increased in the group of 10 weeks. Although hydrogen is not well aware of the prophylactic mechanism of the development of this disease, hydrogen may have the effect of relieving the development of this genetic disease, which is a new hope for patients with this disease. Hope that hydrogen on human Duchenne muscular dystrophy also has a similar effect.


Gastrocnemius muscle histological changes, 10 weeks and 24 weeks of age. (A-D) gastrocnemius muscle tissue HE staining. The number of central nuclei in the disease group was much reduced by hydrogen therapy. The middle green staining was oxidative stress, the disease group had increased oxidative molecules, and reduced after treatment with hydrogen. The last row of attention to the arrows marked with green staining is apoptotic.

The person in charge of the study is Professor Nagano, Professor of Neurosurgery and Bioinformatics at the Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya University. Ohno Kenshi once on their own why the study of hydrogen published emotion. “Hydrogen is very magical about the effects of animal models on animal diseases and human beings, and it makes me very skeptical.However, when I witnessed the remarkable role of hydrogen in my laboratory, I am from faithful believers who become suspicious of hydrogen medicine. Which led me to compress my past research direction and increase the investment in the study of hydrogen medical effects.I believe that in the past in the field of molecular biology and other professional knowledge, the role of hydrogen molecular mechanism to provide an important contribution to understand the mechanism of hydrogen To promote hydrogen medicine and help more people get the benefits of the role of hydrogen have a role, which is my study of hydrogen medicine an important goal.

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