What kind of hydrogen water generator is good?


With the rich ORP water cups on people’s health improvement, gradually get the recognition of many markets. People from the beginning do not believe that water can improve the disease, and hydrogen water is a scam of awareness, and now people gradually realize that hydrogen can improve diabetes, high blood pressure, skin disease, a little breakthrough in the past cognitive range.

So what kind of hydrogen-rich cup is good? Many people know that the initial electrolytic reduction of water from Japan to China, but Japan is a super soft water country. And China’s water quality generally more rigid, encountered hard water, the traditional electrolysis technology using two metal tablets to do yin and yang poles, there will be the risk of consumption of metal anode, which led to electrolysis out of water is heavy metal water; and traditional electrolytic out of high content Hydrogen is not easy to keep, it is easy to run away.

OLANSI hydrogen water bottle integrated no membrane electrolysis technology, in addition to Luo Minxiong, Mr. Dawn of more than 20 national patent technology. The use of activated carbon crystals as electrolytic anode film-free patented technology, fundamentally solve the traditional electrolytic consumption of metal anode (advanced activated carbon crystal anode) problem, put an end to heavy metal pollution. And produced by the negative hydrogen ions compared to ordinary hydrogen water. The effect is better, especially to enhance the ATP and promote carbohydrate and fatty metabolism.In addition, the OLANSI Hydrogen water generator The production of negative hydrogen ions in the water to retain hydrogen longer. General mouth ulcers, toothache drink a day 5-6 cups of the amount, began to improve the improvement.

For toothache, three high improvement effect is remarkable. In addition, if it is skin itching, allergies, psoriasis, etc. It can also be topical.

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