Study on the Treatment of Colitis with Hydrogen

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The latest study from the University of AARHUS in Denmark shows that human Parkinson’s disease or from the gastrointestinal tract, through the nerve spread to the brain, the relevant research published in the world’s leading neurological disease Annals of Neurology.

Professor Elisabeth pointed out that 15,000 patients were studied, these patients have undergone. if Parkinson’s disease does start in the gastrointestinal Road, through the nerve spread to the brain, then accept in patients with Parkinson’s disease incidence will be reduced. The study found that patients who underwent complete had a reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease, and the risk of Parkinson’s disease was halved within 20 years after surgery, and only patients with partial excision did not have this protective effect. The results of the study are consistent with the hypothesis that the cause of Parkinson’s disease may be derived from the gastrointestinal tract, nerve may be the way to pass the treatment of factors.

Elisabeth points out that they suggest that this hypothesis is not groundless, random contact, because indeed many patients have been suffering from gastrointestinal disease before the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, such as years of constipation. Of course, the digestive tract disease may be a special manifestation of Parkinson’s disease, and the nerve is an important channel between the digestive tract and the brain.

Previous studies of animal and cytology have revealed the close relationship between Parkinson’s disease and the nerve. This study was the first large-scale epidemiological investigation of humans.

The researchers said that we found the association between gastrointestinal nerve and Parkinson’s disease, which in the future to find the risk factors that induce disease in the body to provide help, but also for the development of special therapy to treat the disease to provide a new idea, Hope that through the late study can clearly explain the nerve and Parkinson’s disease between the specific relationship.

We in the process of hydrogen medical studies found that hydrogen water on the treatment of constipation and colitis is very good, the efficiency of senile constipation is very high. Japanese scholar conducted a clinical study also found that hydrogen water can treat Parkinson’s disease. This latest study suggests that the effect of hydrogen on Parkinson’s disease may be related to the correction of gastrointestinal diseases, and that hydrogen may be of great value in preventing the occurrence of Parkinson’s disease

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