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The so-called antioxidants, is to have the ability to restore free radical or reactive oxygen, will release the electrons to meet the needs of free radicals or reactive oxygen species, and its toxicity, the general antioxidant only the ability to release an electron.

Hydrogen atoms (H) also have the ability to restore, an atom has only one electron, anti-only release when an electron. Negative hydrogen ions (H-) have two electrons, encounter free radicals, can first release an electron, become hydrogen atoms, still have the ability to release another electron. Therefore, compared with the general antioxidant, negative hydrogen ions have twice the ability to restore.

Another advantage comes from the light atomic weight of hydrogen ions, which is much smaller than other antioxidants. The atomic weight of hydrogen is one, and the molecular weight is only two. Common antioxidants, vitamin C molecular weight is 176, vitamin E is 431, catechins are 290, coenzyme Q10 is 863. Visible molecular weight of the size of a considerable disparity, regardless of the size of each molecule, anti-free radicals are only released when an electron. Therefore, in the case of equal weight, the smaller the molecular weight, the more the number, the more electrons can be released, the stronger the antioxidant capacity.

The nature and function of various antioxidants are not necessarily the same, Vc and catechins are water-soluble, and Ve, carotene, lutein, coenzyme Q10 are fat-soluble, and its antioxidant parts are different Need for sex. Fat-soluble antioxidants can protect the cell membrane and grease; water-soluble can protect the blood, body fluids, cell fluid, reduce free radical damage and attack.

Molecular size, will affect its function, such as coenzyme Q10 can enter the cell mitochondria work, but can not enter the brain through the blood-brain barrier. Negative hydrogen ions are very small and can easily enter each cell, including brain cells. Brain cells are very lively, high in high-fat content of the brain, but also the need for blood to transport large amounts of oxygen, is vulnerable to free radical attacks on the dangerous parts. Damage caused by large dementia, longevity will lose its meaning. In order to longevity, brain health is very important; life can be responsive, flexible mind, ears Congmu Ming, alive only dignity, meaningful, enjoy the music in the years to be extended.


Compared with other antioxidants, the current safety of hydrogen ions is the best. In the event of reactive oxygen or free radicals, the negative hydrogen ions are sent out of the electrons to achieve the task of reduction after their final combination with oxygen to produce water, which is not toxic to the final product. Other antioxidants in the delivery of electrons, they will become more unstable, become similar to the weak toxicity of free radicals; if not excreted in the body, still belong to the unstable factors, with a weak toxicity, large amount of adverse health. Negative hydrogen ion food is not so troubled, and the molecule is very small, the ability to restore the largest, but also into all the body cells, the scope of the most extensive, very valuable.

In addition to these advantages, negative hydrogen ions can also provide hydrogen ions to the cells of the mitochondria to create energy, while assisting lipid burning, can reduce the proportion of body fat, healthy and gestational.

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