Therapeutic effect of hydrogen on liver cirrhosis

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Oriental liver and gallbladder surgery hospital Wang Hongyang academician group on “hydrogen treatment of liver injury research”, published in the internationally renowned magazine JournalofHepatology. This is the Chinese scholars in the hydrogen biology research for the first time in more than 10 points published papers. This shows that we in the field of hydrogen molecular medicine research development momentum is better, but the international published relatively good number of papers than Chinese scholars, indicating that we still have a clear gap with the international counterparts.

Oxidative damage caused by reactive oxygen species is a common pathophysiological process of many liver lesions. Antioxidant activity can reduce liver injury. Selective antioxidant activity of hydrogen is the most recent research hotspot, but the study of liver injury is still not systematic. In this study, three kinds of liver injury models, such as GalN / LPS, CCl4 and DEN, were used to evaluate the effects of hydrogen and saline on various types of liver injury by measuring the level of hydrogen and reactive oxygen species, evaluating oxidative damage, cell death and inflammatory response And explore its mechanism. The results showed that hydrogen and saline had significant inhibitory effects on acute liver injury, liver fibrosis and liver cell proliferation, and the activities of JNK and caspase-3 were decreased. The results show that hydrogen can not only treat acute liver injury, but also to treat cirrhosis.


In 2007, Japanese scholars have demonstrated that animal respiration of hydrogen can treat liver ischemia-reperfusion injury, and although some studies have reported that hydrogen has been studied in the treatment of fatty liver at some meeting, there is no other study on hydrogen and liver disease in three years paper. This study shows that Chinese scholars in the hydrogen and liver disease research ahead of the international level. The study will have a certain position in the field of hydrogen biology research, objectively speaking, should be the only Chinese scholar into the first echelon study.

However, this study is more dependent on the amount of work to win, the most typical is the use of three animal models, of course, to explain the problem helpful, but the study on the international hydrogen treatment of disease research, and there is no real sense Breaking the current level of international research, is still from the oxidative damage, inflammation and cell death in the three angles of the study carried out

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