The benign effect of hydrogen – rich water on T2DM

Is it really good for hydrogen-rich bottle? Domestic and foreign scientific research shows that a variety of human difficult to cure the root causes of chronic disease is free radicals, hydrogen has a selective neutral effect of toxic free radicals, hydrogen water on human health and disease treatment has a positive significance. Internal and external studies have shown that hydrogen unique antioxidant effect, it can effectively remove the body of free radicals, allergic dermatitis, constipation, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, hepatitis B, atherosclerosis and other free radicals caused by various types of symptoms are Strong control role, with great human safety. Effects […]

Study on the Protective Effect of Hydrogen on Humid Infected Lung Health Workers

In recent years, the impact of environmental fine particulate matter (PM2.5) on the health of the population has received widespread public attention. A large number of studies have confirmed the harm of PM2.5 exposure to the respiratory tract, but its mechanism is not yet fully understood. It is generally believed that it is mainly related to oxidative stress, inflammatory injury, immunotoxicity and gene polymorphism, and oxidative stress-induced lung injury is one of the hotspots in recent years. In 2007, Ohsawa et al. reported that the hydrogen had a selective antioxidant function for the first time. Subsequently, the researchers found that […]

Olansi hydrogen water factory explains the damage of free radicals to organ tissues

At present, at least 70 kinds of diseases are closely related to free radicals, especially non-viral and non-bacterial diseases, especially senile degenerative diseases(ep). Muscle tissue damage   Athletes in the strenuous exercise, muscle cell metabolism increased, increased oxygen demand, accelerated oxidation, muscle tissue free radical content than usual 2-3 times higher, at the same time, a large increase in lipid peroxides, metabolites Accumulation, so that athletes have obvious muscle sorrow and fatigue. Such as timely supplement of antioxidants SOD, coenzyme Q10, VE, VC, etc., can be timely and effective removal of excess free radicals, relieve fatigue.   Experiments show that […]

Olansi water bottle keeps you away from radiation damage!

What is free radicals? Free radical (free radical) is the body of the oxidation process of the release of a lively with strong oxidizing harmful substances, is the body’s tissue cells exist independently of unpaired electronic atoms, atoms, molecules or ions. For example, containing unpaired electronic oxygen is called oxygen free radical (oxygen free redical, OFR). This oxygen free radicals accounted for more than 95% of the total free radicals in the body, is the most important free radicals in the human body. Our world is composed of atoms, it has a established law, that is, external electronics must be […]

OLANSI hydrogen water machine  can rejuvenate the body.

Chinese women went to Japan to buy the toilet cover things still fresh in mind, and soon there are many women go to Japan crazy sweep goods. This goal is no longer a toilet cover, but swept the Japanese more than ten years of rich Hydrogen cups. Is the development of the times too fast, or small series is too late to keep up with the pace of the times it? Rich hydrogen cup is what a ghost, since once again let the Chinese women crazy on it? Original rich water cup is just a cup of water only, why […]

And finally know why so many people buy Olansi Hydrogen Water Bottle,how amazing it is!

Women are very aware of the importance of drinking water on their body, a reasonable drink, not only in time for the body to pay water, but also to maintain the hydrological skin of the scientific method. And recently, there is a known as the “beauty beauty” artifact – Olansi Hydrogen water bottle was the majority of urban women’s berserk, some people not only their own purchase, back to the family every person to buy one. Why is there so many female consumers berserk it? After knowing the truth, we also did not hesitate to buy Olansi Hydrogen water bottles […]

Benefit of Hydrogen Water

Benefits of Hydrogen Water Maker

Whom is the hydrogen water benefit for? And How?   Pregnat woman,infant Prevention of toxemic pregnancy, urinary tract infection, bowel movement during pregnancy. Maintain good level of amniotic fluid to protect the fetus within the womb in a clean condition. Develop the immunity of newborn baby, prevent or improve atopic dermatitis. Thanks to the small water cluster size, hydrogen water is well dissolved in baby powdered formula.   Athletes Maintains muscular endurance. Decrease muscle fatigue Enhances competition skills Increases muscle power output Quick recovery from fatigue after exercise   Diet Lipolysis (Resolves well fat) Reinforces digestive functions Increases metabolism & […]

Pay more attention with Hydrogen Water

What is Hydrogen water ? Hydrogen is one of the best natural antioxidants, because the hydrogen water molecules are very small, can quickly penetrate the cells, and the body’s “health killer” oxygen free radicals, and finally the formation of water discharged in vitro. By removing hydrogen malignant free radicals, reconstruction of inner environment balance, start to stimulate the self repairing mechanism of human body, improve health, reshape the young state. Hydrogen is difficult to dissolve in water, and the use of nano scale technology can solve the technical problems. Each hydrogen molecules will be evenly coated with water molecules, resulting in […]