Study on the Treatment of Colitis with Hydrogen

The latest study from the University of AARHUS in Denmark shows that human Parkinson’s disease or from the gastrointestinal tract, through the nerve spread to the brain, the relevant research published in the world’s leading neurological disease Annals of Neurology. Professor Elisabeth pointed out that 15,000 patients were studied, these patients have undergone. if Parkinson’s disease does start in the gastrointestinal Road, through the nerve spread to the brain, then accept in patients with Parkinson’s disease incidence will be reduced. The study found that patients who underwent complete had a reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease, and the risk of Parkinson’s […]

What is the difference between breathing hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water?

Hydrogen use methods include respiratory hydrogen, drinking hydrogen and aqueous hydrogenated saline solutions, all of which are complementary routes of hydrogen in the body, and are supported by relevant research evidence and have potential therapeutic value for a variety of diseases. In these methods, both drinking and injecting are absorbed by water as a carrier, and there is a similarity, and respiratory hydrogen is absorbed through the lungs and has different characteristics. Breathing hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water is the biggest difference between the absorption path is not the same, one is through the respiratory system, one is through the […]

What kind of hydrogen water generator is good?

  With the rich ORP water cups on people’s health improvement, gradually get the recognition of many markets. People from the beginning do not believe that water can improve the disease, and hydrogen water is a scam of awareness, and now people gradually realize that hydrogen can improve diabetes, high blood pressure, skin disease, a little breakthrough in the past cognitive range. So what kind of hydrogen-rich cup is good? Many people know that the initial electrolytic reduction of water from Japan to China, but Japan is a super soft water country. And China’s water quality generally more rigid, encountered […]

Therapeutic effect of hydrogen on duchenne muscular dystrophy

(Duchenne muscular dystrophy, DMD) is a rare X chromosome linked recessive genetic disease, the global average of every 3500 newborn babies in one person suffering from the disease. DMD occurs because of the lack of a Dystrophin dystrophin, which is located inside the skeletal muscle and cardiomyocyte membrane and belongs to the cytoskeletal protein, which has anti-mechanical pull and prevents damage of muscle cells during contraction. Patients in the preschool will be due to skeletal muscle degradation of muscle weakness or atrophy, resulting in inconvenience to walk. Probably in the 7 to 12 years old, will completely lose the ability […]

Therapeutic effect of hydrogen on liver cirrhosis

Oriental liver and gallbladder surgery hospital Wang Hongyang academician group on “hydrogen treatment of liver injury research”, published in the internationally renowned magazine JournalofHepatology. This is the Chinese scholars in the hydrogen biology research for the first time in more than 10 points published papers. This shows that we in the field of hydrogen molecular medicine research development momentum is better, but the international published relatively good number of papers than Chinese scholars, indicating that we still have a clear gap with the international counterparts. Oxidative damage caused by reactive oxygen species is a common pathophysiological process of many liver […]

Hydrogen has been clinically studied and has determined that hydrogen works on at least 63 diseases

2007 in the world famous magazine “natural medicine”, published from the Japanese Medical University Institute of Geriatrics on hydrogen selective antioxidant and the role of cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats reported, set off a molecular biology of hydrogen Research boom. So far, the international published research papers have more than 400 articles. Chinese scholars in this area has made a very prominent contribution to the publication of more than 200 papers, bear the National Natural Science Fund 29, more than 40 doctoral dissertations. And the first international coverage of a variety of hydrogen can treat diseases, including neonatal ischemic encephalopathy, […]

Antioxidant – Olansi hydrogen water produced by the hydrogen ion is the most superior

The so-called antioxidants, is to have the ability to restore free radical or reactive oxygen, will release the electrons to meet the needs of free radicals or reactive oxygen species, and its toxicity, the general antioxidant only the ability to release an electron. Hydrogen atoms (H) also have the ability to restore, an atom has only one electron, anti-only release when an electron. Negative hydrogen ions (H-) have two electrons, encounter free radicals, can first release an electron, become hydrogen atoms, still have the ability to release another electron. Therefore, compared with the general antioxidant, negative hydrogen ions have twice […]

How the manafacturer explans the element of olansi hydrogen water

Said before, has been subject to medical and biochemical sector certainly have several heavy medical gas weight, one of the most potential for the new discovery of hydrogen. Although direct inhalation of hydrogen (such as diving personnel) can be quickly added, and immediately play a useful, but more unrealistic, easy to volatilize, nor is it applicable to the prevention and treatment of disease. After the scientists found that if the first hydrogen dissolved in water and then drink, not only convenient and effective, safe delivery, but also a variety of biochemical and physiological effects. Many of the world’s top research […]

Olansi hydrogen water –Anti-aging

Oxidative damage and disease are closely related, leading to the hope that people through the antioxidant treatment of disease dream, from 40 years ago people found that SOD, leukocyte respiratory burst of inflammatory oxidation process, organ ischemia-reperfusion injury dependent on the theory of free radicals and Oxidative damage research, such as sweating, but more surprising is that the use of antioxidant or antioxidant vitamin supplementation did not get the original envisioned effect, which in the end is why? With the deepening of free radical biology, people have gradually found that the original view of free radicals is completely one-sided, because […]

Benefit of Hydrogen Water

Why you use olansi hydrogen water to heal the disease?

In 1975, someone published a paper in the journal Science, claiming that respiratory hydrogen could treat malignant melanoma. Considering that the occurrence of the tumor may be related to excessive oxidative damage, and hydrogen has a certain degree of reduction, so scientists think of the treatment of malignant tumors with hydrogen. However, direct breathing of hydrogen is very dangerous, because the mixture of hydrogen and air can explode. Moreover, hydrogen is difficult to dissolve in the liquid, that is to say the amount of hydrogen can enter the body is very small. In order to solve these problems, scientists try […]