What is the difference between breathing hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water?

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Hydrogen use methods include respiratory hydrogen, drinking hydrogen and aqueous hydrogenated saline solutions, all of which are complementary routes of hydrogen in the body, and are supported by relevant research evidence and have potential therapeutic value for a variety of diseases. In these methods, both drinking and injecting are absorbed by water as a carrier, and there is a similarity, and respiratory hydrogen is absorbed through the lungs and has different characteristics.

Breathing hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water is the biggest difference between the absorption path is not the same, one is through the respiratory system, one is through the digestive system, breathing on the intake of hydrogen generally no objection, but through the digestive tract to absorb hydrogen Some people questioned There is no problem with the absorption of hydrogen through the digestive tract. Theoretically, the digestive tract absorbs the gas dissolved in the water without any obstacles. There is also evidence that hydrogen can be detected from the breathing gas after drinking hydrogen water.

Followed by breathing hydrogen can get a relatively high hydrogen dose. Hydrogen solubility limit, by drinking a dose limit, if the hydrogen concentration is only about 2%, breathing time in about 30 minutes, the dose and drinking saturated hydrogen water similar to the blood to the concentration of hydrogen and the total difference is not significant. But the concentration of respiratory hydrogen can be higher than 2%, or even up to several times the concentration, breathing time can be further extended, in which case, the amount of hydrogen can be absorbed far more than the amount of drinking water. In theory, the more hydrogen into the human body, the more obvious the effect, so breathing high concentration of hydrogen may be better than drinking water. However, there is no evidence to compare the difference between breathing high concentrations of hydrogen and drinking hydrogen, and therefore can not identify such differences. The possible situation is that there may be differences between different individuals and different diseases. Because breathing hydrogen can achieve higher levels of hydrogen, in general, there is greater potential and space for disease treatment.

Breathing hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water appear to have differences in target disease. Experience from the initial use point of view, drinking hydrogen on the effect of gastrointestinal disease is ideal, respiratory hydrogen on respiratory diseases have a more targeted. For example, drinking hydrogen water is very effective for many constipation patients, but breathing hydrogen does not have this effect. For sleep improvement, the effect of breathing hydrogen appears to be more pronounced than hydrogen. These studies are still lacking clear evidence of research and require further study.

There are also some studies that the continued supplementation of hydrogen as the effect of intermittent hydrogen supplementation, such as through the digestive tract bacteria continue to produce hydrogen is not as good as drinking hydrogen water this interval to supplement the effect of hydrogen is more desirable. Continued breathing of hydrogen may be ineffective, the interval of respiratory hydrogen may improve the effect.

Because hydrogen breathing can not only absorb more hydrogen, but also from the limits of drinking water, for the purpose of treating the disease can breathe hydrogen to promote health, as a healthy lifestyle, you can drink hydrogen water. Hydrogen as a very safe tool, as long as the effect is very worthy of use, breathing and drinking a variety of methods can also be used in conjunction.

In short, breathing can provide a higher dose, suitable for treatment, drinking water more convenient daily use of health care, but the way of giving hydrogen gas, or hydrogen dose-effect relationship, there is no more definite conclusion, still need further systematic study.

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